Mikayla + Cowgirl Horse and Rider Session in Springfield Kentucky at The Family Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Capturing the connection between Mikayla + Cowgirl was. a. DREAM! This duo acted like mother and daughter. Sister and sister. Whatever duo you can think of they would rank high in that list. It was a blast to be able to capture both of them at Mikayla’s family farm, a place where Cowgirl is most comfortable!

With any shoot I book, comfort is always the key to success. I want to make sure not only my human client is comfortable, but a 800-1100 pound horse needs to for sure be comfortable!

Besides comfort, I want to make sure that I capture the bond between horse and rider. What a lot of people don’t really understand is that it takes a lot to get such a large -and graceful- animal to have full trust in you and to listen. So to watch Mikayla move and Cowgirl respond was amazing!

I am so happy with this session and so proud to share it! Check out how awesome this session turned out!