Alexis, Nova + Bristol’s Traditional Equine Session in Lebanon Kentucky at The Family Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Flashback Friday is back and you know what that means! It’s time to post about a session I’ve previously photograph that y’all really haven’t gotten to see! And I know y’all haven’t seen this Traditional session of Alexis’ horses, Nova and Bristol!

I had just started to expand my business into working with equestrians. So as a way to get more business, get my name out there, and to get more practice, I ran a model call. When I did this, Alexis was one of the first to offer some help! I love the fact that this girl loves her horses. She tries to challenge them mentally and challenge herself! She loves taking on task that some would say would be too hard, just for her to show that her and her two best horses can accomplish anything!

Speaking of her horses, let’s meet them! The first one is Bristol! She’s a two year old black Tennessee Walking Horse! This filly was so CURIOUS! I mean she was interested in everything. If I moved, she was right on me wanting to know what I was doing! But even with her curious personality, she’s such a sweet horse! I’m actually hoping to see Alexis show her! Talk about a pair that could rock some shows!

Now Nova, or better known as Blues Buckskin Rojo is an 11 year old buckskin roan AQHA mare. When Alexis purchased her back when she was 9, she really wasn’t expecting this horse to be the definition of a best friend. Because let’s be honest, Nova is a bit stubborn and sometimes can be a brat. But Alexis told me, if she asked Nova to do something, rather it be while they were on a trail ride, or potentially in danger, this mare kicked it into gear and made sure that Alexis was safe. She’s such a brave horse and to Alexis this Nova is Alexis’ true heart and joy.