Bulls, Bands, and Barrels Western Event at Lexington, KY at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Altech Arena

If you seen the first part of this post, you’ll know that I literally spent all day yesterday at Altech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. I was able to capture not only the Qualifier Runs for the Bulls, Bands, and Barrels show, but I also got to capture their ENTIRE SHOW!

Now, their whole brand is centered around “this ain’t your grandpappy’s rodeo”. And honestly it wasn’t! They didn’t have a full rodeo which is why they consider themselves a western event or really a big party for all!

And that’s exactly how I would describe the atmosphere, the production team, the entire night. It was a fun as hell kind of party.

Something else that I need to feel like I need to speak on is 2 AMAZING women ran barrels!

The first being the Queen herself, Bayleigh Choate! Now the pep talk I gave myself in the car was pointless. This woman was amazing to meet. She was sweet, freakin’ HILARIOUS, and was so excited that she had a cool wrestling belt as a title! It was such an honor to meet her!

The second woman to run on barrels was Kelly Curry! Now you’re probably thinking that name sounds so familar! It should! Kelly is the owner of K/C Ranch in Wilmore, KY! I constantly work with Kelly and her team at their jackpot shows, as well as just spending my days there capturing just how majestic their ranch is.

So for me to see her name on the perf barrel racers, you already knew my excitement level was at 1000 PERCENT!

I could go on and on about the emotion, the bull fighters, Brinson, the whole nine yards, but instead I’ll let y’all see what I saw that entire day!

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