BBB Tour stop number 6! We made it down south to Jacksonville Florida!

Cue the palm trees and MargaritaVille song.

The more I travel with this crew, the more I grow to be a part of their family, as well as grow to love the western industry more than I did the day before.

This show was SOLD OUT (no shocker there am I right?) at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center! To kick off the party, we had an amazing acoustic performance by Logan Crosby! And then the party really kick up a notch!

Barrel racers neck to neck with their times, bull fighters taking a punch -and a kick-, and our bull riders hanging on tight to give the crowd a hell of a performance!

And let's not forget Gavind Adcock and Kameron Marlow bringing in the fire with their live music performances!

Here is just a glimpse into the night through my eyes! So grab your favorite drink, grab the bag of popcorn, and saddle up!

Congrats again to our 3 winners of the evening!

*Bull Rider - Casey Roberts

*Barrel Racer - Becky Vizcaino

*Bull Fighting - Brendall Du

Next up on the tour is Springfield, MO! Will I see y'all there?