As I sit here in the parking lot at Kentucky Horse Park, I took it upon myself to make a little post about the qualifiers round that just took place up here at Altech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park!

Bulls, Bands, and Barrels has a western show every year and this year I was lucky enough to get to cover the qualifier round AS WELL AS the actual show this evening!

If you don’t know Bulls, Bands, and Barrels is a western event that honestly -as they would say- ain’t your grandpappy’s rodeo! And they do mean that!

Between the rank bulls, some fast bull fighters entertaining the crowd, the all american cowgirls that race to get the fastest time around the barrel pattern, and lets not forget the amazing fan base this company has!

Here’s just a handful of some of my favorite riders from the show! Stay tune tomorrow to see the blog post about the actual Rodeo Show!

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