Noelle + Valentine’s Traditional Equine Session in Versailles Kentucky at The Kentucky Equine Research Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This session I was so excited for!!! I left my house early because I was excited -but also nervous because I thought I may get lost…which actually happened-

But I had a good feeling about this session! I was ready to meet Noelle and Valentine and see how they connected but also to really try and focus on getting some close up detail shots. Because that is one thing Noelle said she would like, was the close up and a few artistic shots! She gave me full control and told me to run with it!

I didn’t run, I flew away with the ideas! However, when it was time for me to sit down and edit, I wasn’t able to create much. I was getting mad at myself because I couldn’t understand why the black and white backgrounds weren’t working.

And right then it hit me! Why not add some color in! I was really happy with the indoor arena shots we got so I took my eye dropper application in Photoshop and tested the colors of the sand. When I tell y’all, that I started painting with this color and it brought the image to life!!! Like full blown life!

If you don’t believe me, scroll down and check out the fun, peach images we capture and created!