Aly, Casper + Jagger Horse and Rider Session in Paris Kentucky at Clover Hill Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s always a blast to work with Aly! No matter what we always have fun and always create some beautiful pictures! I loved seeing how much Casper + Jagger have both grown since moving to Clover Hill!

On my last few post with Aly ( which you can check them out here and here) I talked more about the rider but not about the horses! So with this one I wanted to make sure to talk about both Casper and Jagger and Aly’s plans for each of these beautiful geldings!

The first horse to meet is Casper! Known in the racing world as TeeTee’s Tapit, this twelve year old grey thoroughbred is probably the most laid back, dad horse you’ll ever meet. He always makes sure he takes care of Aly no matter if it’s during a ride, or if she just needs a pair of ears to vent to, he’s the one that’ll stand there and listen. But don’t let his laid back attitude fool you, he has a few moments where he’ll make someone laugh. I mean you wouldn’t believe how many pictures we have of Casper with his tongue out.

Now let’s talk about the seven year old (adopted) brother of Casper! It’s Jagger! With a Jockey Club name of Oatfield but a showing name of Moves Like Jagger, this off the track thoroughbred resembles a michievous teenager. He’s going through that phase of “I do what I want, when I want” even though he’s fighting with Aly, and knows he’s going to lose. Even though he’s a fussy teenager at times, Aly knows this horse can do amazing things. She’s actually working with him on accomplishing their goal of jumping 2’6 by this Summer!

No matter the challenge Jagger throws at Aly or the manners Aly makes Jagger learn, these two will be competeing together very soon, and I can’t wait!

Scroll down to check out not only Jagger Pictures, but the rest of the pictures from Aly’s, Casper’s, and Jagger’s session!