A four hour drive turned into an amazing adventure and opportunity! Since getting my SEBRA permit to cover their shows professionally, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

SEBRA (Southeastern Bull Riding Association) has sanctioned events in states like Tennessee and across the South where Bull riders go to face the best of the best!

If you don’t know: Bull riding involves a contestant riding on a bull for a period of eight seconds. Not only is the rider competing against the clock, but he or she must also stay on the bull for the entire eight seconds.

Bull riding is an exciting event to watch. The entire crowd will cheer wildly as the bull riders take their turn in the ring and try to beat the clock. Just like other bull riding shows I covered, this Superbull riding event was a thrilling night that tested the courage and skil of each rider that got on the backs of one of these 1200lbs animals!

The adrenaline atmosphere was so much to take in and enjoy! Not to mention, everyone in the arena was on the edge of their seats!