Aly McGuire + Friends Equine Portrait Session in Nicholasville Kentucky | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Flashback Friday is in full effect! And what better way to start a Flashback Friday than with this session I did with Aly and her friends last year!

It’s good for the heart and for a photographer to take a break and have that one session that kind of brings a fresh air back into your life. If you don’t know who this firey red head is, then shame! Aly was one of my previous Kentucky Belles who moved to Lexington where she’s currently a student at UK.

But the one passion she has had but started to explore more, is horses.

I can relate to her so much when it comes to horses and to see her start a journey where she is rescuing OTTB and showing them that their wild hearts can still run! That pulls on the strings in my heart!

Check out not only Aly’s but also Shawna’s equine portrait session! <3