The Kentucky Horse Park is an amazing place filled with magic and horses. It's a place of every little horse girl and equestrian's dreams.

I was so fortunate enough to go up and visit the Big Breed's Barn where my bestie Ainsley worked. Even though Ainsley has a diverse background working with gaited horses and quarter horses, she found a deep love for draft horses. Heck her current baby (1600 pound baby that is) is a spotted draft horse named Oakley.

Because of her love for the big breeds she invited me up to experience a peace of her heaven. And an experience it was!

If you don't know, the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP) first opened to the public back in November of 1978 where they are owned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. KHP strives to be the premier event venue for equestrians and those who love and want to learn more about horses. They strive to give visitors and exhibitors a diverse opportunities to engage with and learn about the beauty, strength and spirit of the horse.

So of course me being a horse girl through and through, I wanted to see what it was all about, especially at the Big Breeds Barn.

Can you guess which one of the drafts is known for being the biggest? Can you guess what breed the foal is? Check out just a handful of my favorites from this visit!