Rylee, Kaleb, Alyssa + Friend’s Horse and Rider Session in Burlington Kentucky at Briarwood Farms | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This session was so much fun! I know I say that a lot but I say it, because I mean it! I love being able to travel outside of my county lines and go to new places, meet new horses, and take some amazing pictures!

So when I met Heather and her son Kaleb and daughter Rylee at the Kentucky 4-H State Show, I loved not only their horses, but I loved the bond that they had with their horses.

Kaleb and his horse Burrito -who may possibly have the best show name- who is a Quarter cross and Rylee had Sisi the paint and Sunny the Tennessee Walker.

And what made this session even more fun? I got to work with Alyssa and her warmblood horse Gangster! Gangster was such a handsome -older- horse and didn’t care much about my distractions to get his ears up, however you could tell he loved Alyssa, made me forgive him for not flipping his ears up lol.

Not to mention, I loved how Rylee + Kaleb came dressed to steal the show! They almost looked like they were walking out of an equestrian clothing ad!

But! Shooting at Briarwood was not the end of the day. Oh no! We had 2 more horses to visit with Rylee! Sunny + Carrie!

Sunny -as mentioned- was one of the horses I noticed with Rylee and her mom at the state show. Carrie on the other hand, was a more pleasure horse that Rylee said “couldn’t see herself without. this horse is mine and I’m her owner".”

When I see young teenagers that passionate about animals, it makes me happy. Because passion like that in young teenagers means they can change the world for all animals.

Check out just a few of my favorites from this session in Burlington, KY!