WELCOME! Let's start planning your senior session!

I am so happy that you’re allowing me to photograph one of the most important milestones in your life! Senior pictures should be fun and reflect who you are! So I made this page dedicated to helping you plan your perfect senior session!

Now first things first. Start buying outfits, book the hair appointment, the first thing we do is pick a day/season in which you want your senior portraits taken. Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter. Depending on the season you pick can help pick out your location and even your outfits.

So step one: pick a season for your session. It's never too early to book your senior session! Summer times means late sunset times, Fall has all the red, yellow, and orange leaves, and Spring has the pretty flowers in bloom (like the photo below).

So with that being said, which season speaks to you that you absolutely love?

Indian Senior dancing in a field of yellow flowers

Next is Locations!

This may be my second favorite part when booking seniors. Do you want indoor photos or do you want to be outdoor? I do occasionally offer indoors but I have to be notified at least 4 weeks before the session so I can make sure it's available to rent.

With that being said, you got your season picked! Now it’s time to pick a location. Are you wanting to stay in your home county? Are you wanting to travel outside of the county? Do you want to shoot at the college you plan on going too? The options are endless! But just like picking a season, you want to pick locations that fit best to who you are. If you’re wanting rustic and leaves everywhere, you’re not going to shoot in a downtown Urban location.

I have wrote a blog post to help with some of my favorite spots to help when booking your session! Click image below and it'll take you to that blog!

location banner

Let's talk Outfits!

Now this, this is a super important part to talk about. I have seen some many sessions end in a reschedule because outfits were thrown together, the one piece they were waiting for got delayed in the mail. There's been a handful of issues, so I want to make sure we touch on this!

First thing: make sure to start planning your outfits between 6-8 weeks BEFORE your session. This gives you time to order any pieces you may need and be prepared in case of delayed shipping. It also gives you a chance to make sure the item fits. Online ordering has a mind of it's own and you could order a size Large but really that brand's large is meant for a small.

Second tip: Don't dress as someone that's you're not. I know this is a very bland statement, however everyone has a different style. If you love wearing jeans and combat boots then make sure to start making outfits around that.

Have a pair of cowboy boots that you absolutely love? Then wear those.

When you plan your outfits around what you love and your comfort, it makes the session so much easier!

My third and final tip is bring more than one outfit. Now I know with my mini sessions I explain that it's normally one out, however I recommend bringing atleast 2 different outfits INCASE the first outfit you pick just isn't working right in the photos. This also gives you a variety of photos too. When we have the extra time, you'll want to wear that second outfit.

Keep in mind that I do also have a styling client's closet that includes some pieces that clients can wear, as well as help you style ideal outfits. Ideal outfits are not outfits you have to buy but a guide that will help lead you into what you should wear for photos vs what I don't recommend.

Below are three different outfits: The first is a more western theme outfit that fits that's senior style, the second is a casual yet girly outfit, and the third is what I like to call a "interview" or "church" outfit. That outfit screams Dress to impress!

cowgirl running through a field of mustard flowers in Springfield, KY
Louisville Kentucky Senior posing with her blue heeler dog at Lexington KY Aboreturm
Business professional dressed Senior Boy posing on a football field

Props, bring them, or leave them?

Props is a must have conversation with your photographer. And I'm not talking about the 2023 or 2024 number to put in your photos. I'm talking more about props that hold a special meaning behind who you are. This year alone I've worked with seniors and their barrel horse, a senior girl getting her pilot license, and not to mentioned a senior guy who loved his mustangs. The options are endless!

Some of my favorite items that seniors bring to their session is:

  • Sport items (balls, letterman jackets, uniform, etc)
  • Animals (dogs, horses, etc)
  • Music (an instrument, or sheet music)

So really props are more than just an addition to the background. It's something that shows off who you are and what you're wanting to do in the future. Think about some of the activities that you like to do and we can discuss on how we can involve it into your session.

Below are just a few examples on how seniors involved their hobbies, their school clubs, and even furniture!

senior posing with his dirt bike in bardstown ky
senior posing with a private airplane in louisville kentucky at airport
Elizabethtown KY FFA senior kissing her horse's nose
Louisville, KY Senior posing on a couch in a field

Last But Not Least…

Just have fun with your session! Being stressed, hating every moment, is only going to make the session long and unbearable! With just a few of these tips you can make sure to have the best experience during your senior shoot without the fear of worrying how you look and ending up hating the images!

If you have any questions about ideal outfits that you have already planned, a location that you would love to go to, or just any questions in general, feel free to contact me at rebeccabeattyphotography@hotmail.com