The Untamed Spirit of the Sport Industry


I could go on and on about how amazing the sport of rodeo is. I thought the only way I could find love in the art of photography was by taking on portrait clients or even photographing weddings. And that's all I could do.

But the moment I picked up my camera, headed to my first rodeo, and took that first picture... I was hooked.

In wedding photography, details and unique/candid moments was a must. And honestly that helped me with rodeo photography. The details of a bronc rider getting ready before his ride makes for a perfect art piece. The photo of dirt splashing towards the camera is a detail that shows just how hard barrel horses run. The little kid watching their favorite bull rider's a moment that is they will remember forever.

So I turned down weddings. I started focusing more on rodeos, started traveling more, and I have never been happier. Thanks to rodeo I have traveled to 12 states, I have worked with IPRA + SEBRA associations. I was even the 2023 SEBRA Photographer of the year AND! I'm the official photographer for the Bulls, Bands, and Barrels 2024 tour!

No I wasn't born into the rodeo life, but I was created to capture the rodeo life.

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