4-H State Horse Show in Louisville Kentucky at The Louisville Expo Center | Kentucky Equine Show Photographer Rebecca Beatty

This Flashback Friday post is a little different! I wanted to talk about how fun, how energetic, and a little stressful the Kentucky 4-H State Show was. But! Instead, I wanna talk about one special young lady who has became one of my best friends and has helped pushed me into the horse world!

Chassity and I have worked together on her senior pictures and ever since then we had became close friends! We talked about everything! So when she mentioned that this was her last year in 4-H she wanted to know if there was any way I could come and photograph their last 4-H Show.

And of course I said yes! This was a milestone for these two. They went into this together and now they’re retiring together! Nothing shows more dedication and love than that!

So instead of showing just one picture, I wanted to post a set of some of my favorite shots of Chassity + Motown! This dynamic duo that I love so much and I know have changed the showing game! <3

The show was a blast and I did take a bunch of pictures of all competitors! If you participated or want to see the images from the show, make sure to visit the “Rodeo + Show Gallery” tab here on my website to visit all the horse shows I’ve worked this year!