Alexa + Horses | Mini Horse and Rider Session in Lexington Kentucky at The Family Farm| Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Morning sessions just may be my new favorite time to shoot. We plan this right at the start of the day and at first I was freaking out thinking this direct sunlight was going to be a pain to work with. But never fear!

When in a tricky situation just work with what you got. Plus I really was dying to work with Alexa and her five horses, not to mention her adorable basset hound *insert the heart eye emoji here*

Other than Alexa loving chestnut horses, her heart holds a special place for two warmbloods that have been in her life since she was a child. And I’m telling y’all now they may be old but these two made sure to show me just how young and stubborn they can be lol.

I can’t thank Alexa enough for letting me capture these special moments between her and her amazing animals! Check out just a few of my favorites below!