Kate + Thunder’s Traditional Equine Session in Lebanon Kentucky at The Family Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

It’s been a week since our last Flashback Friday post so how about we post another one! This time it’s featuring one of my favorite pairs! Kate + Thunder!

Kate and Thunder is a duo that knows how to keep me laughing. If you remember I worked with them previously! And in the last session we focused on how their bond was, with this one, I wanted to make sure to get some portraits that Kate could hang up in her house, and even some prints she could use to brag to her friends about how awesome her horse is!

Now Thunder is one smart horse. It’s like as soon as he saw my car coming up the drive, he knew what was going on. So of course during some of the best and serious shots, he gave me a few looks that sent me and Kate just cracking up.

Not to mention, when we got in the water, he waited for Kate to turn around so he could start splashing. Talk about a ham bone.

Check out just a few of my favorite shots from their session!