Jasmine + Lace Horse and Rider Session in Lebanon Kentucky at The Family Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

I offered a 48 Hour sale on my “Horse and Rider” Collection and it gave everyone a chance to get a huge discount vs my regular rate. During that time, Jasmine messaged me directly and expressed how excited and how interested she was in purchasing a session.

Fast forward to September twelfth and it was time for Jasmine’s session and I got to meet her adorable three year old Lace!! This albino/cremello Tennessee Walker was a looker. I mean stunning! I’ve seen white horses but I have not seen such a clear and perfect white horse like I did when I saw Lace.

I will say she had the true personality of a Tennessee Walker! Very flashy and definitely loved looking at herself in the mirror lol.

But these pair was really awesome to photograph. You could see how calm and relaxed Jasmine was vs how excited and energetic Lace was. The pair went together so well and you can tell just by looking at these photos how affectionate Jasmine is when it comes to Lace and her other horses.

Check out just a few of my favorites from this session! Including a color pop image!