Lauren + Diamond Horse and Rider Session in Lancaster Kentucky at W3 Farm | Kentucky Equine Portrait Photographer Rebecca Beatty

Who’s ready for a blog post featuring one of the University of Kentucky’s Rodeo team members?!? I’m so excited to work with Lauren and her quarter horse Diamond aka Simon Diamond because I called him Simon all throughout the session and wondered why he wasn’t paying attention to me lol.

This big bay was such a photogenic horse! And very playful (peep the tongue out photo lol). Now when we added Lauren into the pictures, they relationship reminded me that of siblings. Diamond would purposely tease Lauren and annoy her but Lauren turned the tables and did the same to Diamond.

Not to mention while they were picking on one another, Lauren’s beautiful german shepherd pup was trying to sneak through the field and chase the cows lol.

Besides this horse and rider acting like siblings, when saddled up, this duo worked as a great team. I even got the perfect GIF of them coming out of the box!

Check out just a few of my favorite shots from this session!