I love being able to expand my knowledge, not only in the equine world but in the photography world as well.

So when I got permission to come out to Shadow Hills Ranch’s cow sorting event, I was over the moon.

This event really opened my eyes to actual ranch work! Imagine needing to separate a sick cow or a sick calf and you can’t just walk up to this animal and expect it to let you give it a shot, doctor it, etc. This type of event shows you how to work with other ranchers, members of a team, to reach that common goal of helping the animal.

In just a handful of some of my favorite images, I really wanted to show off how a ranch can sort and cut a cow from the herd, as well as how 3 man team can work together to sort and “doctor” an individual animal.

If you’re interested in learning more about cow sorting, roping, or in need of training for your horses, make sure to reach out to Sean + Hellena at Shadow Hills Ranch in Paris, KY!